15-Year-Old Launches ‘Girls Against Boys Sagging’ Campaign With Amazing Results By Jazzi Johnson

The children are our future… to no more unsolicited butts.


Model & Actress Alyssa Sutherland Says Don’t Be Fooled By Beauty Standards On Social Media

Narrow standards of beauty have existed for a very long time, but the fight against the false perception of what supposed perfection looks like has gotten more serious since the introduction of social media. 

#BelieveInOurQueens: An Opportunity For Girls To Believe In Our Girls

The creator of #BelieveInOurQueens is calling all girls to join her social media campaign to encourage more girls to believe in our girls!

An Open Letter About Consent and Saying No. Written By Victoria’s Secret Model, Leomie Anderson

This Article Originally Appeared On Cracked China Cup. In light of recent stories that have surfaced from young girls nudes being leaked, slut shaming, sexual assault and more, I felt it was important… Continue reading

Zaria: An Ascending Short Story FREE

Zaria is FREE Mother’s Day Weekend!

Believe In Our Queens: 3 Rules To Manifesting A Queen By India Rochelle

“I can’t say I’m conceited, but I am proud. I can’t say that I’m ashamed of my radiance because from the texture of my hair, the dialect in my voice, and my complexion; I know that I am art. I can’t say that I am Einstein, but I do have a brain. What I can say is that I am a Queen. A Queen of much understanding of my power, my beauty, and my life’s purposeful meaning.”

– India Rochelle

Little Queens Written By Malorie D.

Little Queens, you have my heart. God forbid we ever drift apart. Eyes beyond beauty, little Queens with purpose and engulfed in love. Every move I make is for you my tiny Queen,… Continue reading