PSA: Love Doesn’t Hurt

We are all created with a void placed within us. It’s left up to us what we find to fill that void.


Self-Esteem: The Root Of It All

I learned how critical positive self-esteem early in life is to success, love and joy; for it’s your self talk that indicates where and how far you will go.

Journey To Self-Love

All may not understand the ways that we love ourselves, but the underlying factor is the only one that has to understand it is you because ultimately, it’s saying that you accept who you are.

Friends Matter

Friends, true friends, look out for each other’s best interests. Even when it doesn’t seem cool or isn’t dramatic.

My Naked Truth: From Abuse, Drug Addictions, Suicide, & Prostitution To Best Selling Author, Celebrity Social Media Manager, & Star Entrepreneur

When I first became aware of whom I was becoming, I constantly pushed myself to be better than the person I was supposed to be statistically. Things that enabled me, such as my ability to be a persistent optimist, was foreshadowed by the pain I carried around for years. There was a constant battle between her and I; and the woman I was trying my hardest to get away from was winning. It seemed like no matter how much I fought, I was constantly reminded of her. I soon came to realize that without her, there was no me. It all began somewhere. So here is where I will start.

Wisdom: The #BelieveInOurQueens Word Of The Week



(Noun) The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.

No Ceilings, No Limits By Valerie Martinelli

No Ceilings, No Limits By Valerie Martinelli

Oops! I Lost My Zen!

“Find what makes you happy and stay happy.”
– India Rochelle

#BelieveInOurQueens Celebrates First Young Queen of The Week, Lydia Jackson

Above all beautiful things, Lydia Jackson has been selected as the first #BelieveInOurQueens Young Queen of The Week!

Compassion: The #BelieveInOurQueens Word Of The Week

[kuh m-pash-un]
(Noun) Sympathetic pity and concern for sufferings or misfortunes of others.