A Girl’s List To Awesomeness

Copy of success through the joy of sisterhood

Written By Siovonne Smith

1. Be True to You: You’re your only you. Be your Best You!

2. Be Healthy: Eat well. Exercise. Be Positive. You’ll be Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful, Inside and Out.

3. Find your Joy: Discover, Explore, and Find what Brings you Joy.

4. Empower your Power: Find and Know your Strengths… Build on Them. Learn from your Mistakes and Become Stronger.

5. Believe in Your Potential: Don’t be afraid to Dream… Imagine All the Possibilities Life can Offer.

6. Keep Learning: Read, Study, Develop Skills, and Use your Imagination. We’re all Students in Life.

7. Be Money Smart: Value It… Don’t Waste It.

8. Stay Away from Trouble: If you Sense Danger or Something’s Not Right… Stay Away!

9. Don’t Let Others Tear You Down: None of Us are Perfect but We All have the Potential to be Amazing.

10. Give Back: Help Out Others When You Can. We All Need a Little Help.

11. Be Strong and Resilient: Life’s Not Always Easy. Find Ways to Cope, Adapt, and Live your Best Life!

12. Be Thankful: Appreciate All the Good That You Have. BE AWESOME!


Siovonne Smith

As a young girl with an entrepreneurial spirit Siovonne did small after-school jobs in grammar school, such as dog walking and babysitting. She loves learning and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations. Siovonne also loves international cultures, foreign languages, and traveling. She has lived in France and speaks French and Spanish. Her working career started in advertising, marketing, and public relations. She now writes for the entertainment and publishing industries.