PSA: Love Doesn’t Hurt


Written By Annette Smiley

When ever you begin to learn the truth, it’s easy to recognize a lie. Sometimes it’s not easy to be secure in your own identity because you may not know your identity yet. God may still be developing it. However, one thing is for sure; there is not one bad thing wrong with you. He hand pick you and you were uniquely designed by the most amazing creator and he makes no mistakes!

Beautiful queens you are amazing!

One thing that I had to learn and believe is that I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I didn’t always feel like that because people told me that I was ugly and worthless a lot throughout my life. When I began to believe the positive things that people told me about myself such as, “you’re amazing”, “you’re pretty”, “you’re smart”, “you are worthy”, and “I love your gap”…and then they began to show me with love. What took me aback, was that I didn’t have to do anything in return to receive that love. That made me feel so good on the inside. It also built my trust in them.

Surround yourself with positive people and be careful about what you let enter your mind. Educate yourselves don’t be afraid to ask questions and remember Queens; love doesn’t hurt. We are all created with a void placed within us. It’s left up to us what we find to fill that void. You rock and we love YOU!

I am Best Selling Author, Annette Smiley. I am a native of Seattle, WA; my parents migrated from the south in the early sixties. I am the youngest of eight siblings, a mother of two amazing daughters and six beautiful grandchildren. I am also an Emergency Outreach Administrator for a non-profit organization that focuses on the homeless population. Many of these individuals and families are struggling with chemical dependency, domestic violence and women escaping the sex trade as well as other barriers. Check out my latest book, “I Am Beautiful: The Evolution of Beauty” here.