Oops! I Lost My Zen!


Two weeks ago, I noticed that I was losing my Zen. You know, that fiery passion to be joyful, peaceful, empowering, and awesome. Of course, I didn’t notice at first. I felt that if I continued to do everything I’m supposed to and continue to motivated others, then hey, I was fine. What I should’ve given more attention to was what I felt inside. Not outside.

I never even knew I could lose Zen or inspiration. I thought that Zen would always be with me considering I’m an L.O.A. (Law of Attraction) junkie. Then something happened.  A month ago, I lost a loved one. Someone that believed in me and my vision. My feelings were all over the place, but I somehow convinced myself to keep going, keep pushing, and that may have been the worse mistake I made.

The weirdest thing is that most of my friends didn’t even realize I had lost my Zen. I was still happy in conversations, still giving advice that inspired everyone around me, and still walking in my purpose with my head held high. I thought that these things made me strong and it prompted more relationships and lots of new friends. I wish I would’ve known what caused me to lose what once gave me so much life. But I didn’t and now I know why.

I wasn’t empowered by the same things anymore. This could’ve been because I wasn’t following the same practices as before. When I say before, I’m reaching back as early as January 2016. Before I got published on The Huffington Post; before I self-published my first Best-Selling book; and before my business grew beyond measure.

I noticed 3 key elements missing from my life:

  1. Knowledge. I am fueled by ideas, creativity, and intelligence. It keeps my mind thinking and helps a lot with my writing. Not to mention, it broadens my perspective and encourages thought provoking conversations. And I so needed something new to talk about.
  2. Peace. Before my business exploded, I remember feeling at one and confident in my life. Since I am quite the introverted spirit, peace gives me something to be at ease about. With anxiety waiting to escape my very busy mind all the time, finding time to be at peace and cater to me, was and is extremely important. Without peace, my brain is restless and easily distracted. How could I be missing such an important ingredient in my life?
  3. Intuition. Being an entrepreneur means making the right choices. Over the last 5 months, I have misplaced one of my biggest rules. I call them “Non-Negotiables.” If you’re a fan of my books, you’ve probably red all about them. If not, go get my Best Selling guide, “A Fearless Guide To Manifesting, Launching, & Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship” HERE! Non-Negotiables are the things that you stand on within your business or life that reflect your morals and core values. I may not have crossed these boundaries physically, but I did emotionally. It was time that I started trusting and speaking up on my feelings about things.

Money has never been something that motivated me, so I can’t blame greed. I noticed myself lacking the ability to say no. Even my clients could smell it on me. They began using my vulnerable moment to strike a discounted or free deal. This had to stop.

So how did I get my Zen back?

Well, I took back my crown! Since becoming conscious of these things, I have added a few more books to my Kindle Unlimited collection. Books that inspire humanity and reflection like self-help, motivational, and even biographies of empowering women.

I also found peace re-practicing the Law Of Attraction in my life. Even increasing my meditation from 10 to 20 minutes.

On top of it all, I finally said no to those clients. I was no longer working for me, but for them. It sounds great, but if you are an entrepreneur you understand how horrible that must’ve been. Now my clients set appointments, respect my business, and also they began to encourage my new ethics. Giving me testimonials of how professional and organized business has been since I made those changes. Hearing this gave me so much life!

Some would agree that I had forgotten myself. And my interpretation of that is almost like saying that I had forgotten where I came from or started. I could never misplace those memories. They are the very reason I aspire to inspire so many now!

My analysis is that the thrill and passion we feel when we start something, should remain consistent the entire way through. That means you have to have your plan together from the very beginning.  Not just your business plan or your college plan, but YOUR plan. Ask yourself questions like, “How will I stay motivated?’ “When will I make time for me?” “What do I believe in?” These are questions anyone with air to breathe should ask themselves everyday. Not only will it sustain consistence, but it will also remind you of everything you believe in to keep going. I can finally say that I got my Zen back. 🙂

“Find what makes you happy and stay happy.”

-India Rochelle