Zaria: An Ascending Short Story FREE


Zaria: An Ascending Short Story By India Rochelle will be free Mother’s Day Weekend!

The 69 page fiction short story reveals a brief moment in the life of 15 year old Zaria McCall. A victim of sexual assault, drug addictions, and prostitution. She’s clueless of her own power. So she seeks to fill the void by blackmailing her male clients into giving her everything she wants. It’s all going well for Zaria until one night and one client brings her to face her bold, dirty, and despicable burden that has ripped her from ascending into a Young Queen.

This book is written specifically for girls who have been through unprecedented circumstances and have misplaced their belief. It is not written to devalue or strip girls from their innocence. But to empower & inspire girls to believe and teach others to own their power within.

“The best way to reclaim your life is to take back your crown.”
– India Rochelle

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