Little Queens Written By Malorie D.


Little Queens, you have my heart. God forbid we ever drift apart. Eyes beyond beauty, little Queens with purpose and engulfed in love. Every move I make is for you my tiny Queen, I place nobody else above. You’re so much more than pretty little girls wrapped in cute purple ribbons & pink pearls; you’re little girls of purpose growing to be women of strength, of righteousness, of intelligence, loyalty, and love. Little Queens you will grow to defeat every obstacle in your path with grace, with bravery & God in your heart  you will conquer over any evil you encounter. Youall are lights in the darkness, light the path and leave everyone in awe. Little Queens you hold the future in your hands, the world is your canvas, paint it out with your tiny fingers, leave them all in awe. Little Queens, you are your mother’s hero, please don’t ever forget that. Little Queen of my heart  you ARE beauty. Your gentle face is my refuge, your presence is my purpose, your smile means everything in my life. Little Queen,…….Little Queen……..I thank God every single day for blessing me with your presence in my life.

~Malorie D.

~ La Negra Picosa

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